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Adjustable loose tenon jig for Festool dominos

Adjustable loose tenon jig for Festool dominos

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The loose tenon router jig with the best features on the market. It replicates the functionality of the Festool domino for the hobby woodworker and DIYer at an affordable price. 
Perfect for the hobby woodworker or the professional that can’t justify spending 1000$ on a Festool Domino.

Main features:
-    Easy adjustment for stock dimensions,
-    Fence always aligns square, with presets for 10, 16, 18, 30, 36, 40 and 50mm stock thickness.
-    Alignment pins for mortise alignment.
-    Built in easy depth setting gauge for 5 and 8mm dominoes. 

You need an appropriate sized router bit and bushing (30mm) together with a router to use the jig.

Bushing size needed: 30mm

Recommended router bit : 5 or 8mm spiral bit. 

The jig is 3D printed of durable plastic.

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